• 01
    Analysis of potential
  • 02
    Acquisition plan
  • 03
    Property acquisition
  • 04
    Optimization plan
  • 05
    Refinancing or sale of property

Investment Strategy

Before acquiring a property, Bon Apparte thoroughly analyzes its potential, taking market forecasts and its own real estate experience into consideration. Numerous factors are taken into account, including property location and quality, future revenues, acquisition price, etc.

If the property analysis is conclusive, Bon Apparte prepares an acquisition plan. This plan includes a financial set-up as well as an optimization plan to increase property value. Once this stage is completed, Bon Apparte proceeds with property acquisition and optimization plan implementation:

  • rent adjustment to reflect actual market conditions;
  • tight control of property expenses;
  • search for new tenants (if needed) through an efficient marketing campaign; 
  • implementation of appropriate property improvements.

When the property reaches its full market value or when Bon Apparte decides it is appropriate, the property may be refinanced – and thus to find its down payment and reinvest it, creating at the same time a significant leverage effect – or sold in order to cash in a capital gain.