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8. Monitoring
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9. Links
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10. Electronic Personal Information
While a person can visit this Website without disclosing his/her identity and other personal information to Bon Apparte, information is automatically exchanged by the visitor with Bon Apparte’s server when this Website is accessed. Such information exchanges do not allow Bon Apparte to identify the visitor, i.e. name or email address. However, such exchanges do allow Bon Apparte to obtain the name of the Internet domain the visitor used to access this site, the IP address of the visitor, the type of navigator and operating system used by the visitor to access this site, the date and time the visitor accessed this site, the pages visited by the visitor and, if the visitor accesses this site from another site, the address of such site (referencing site).

“Cookies” allow the operating system of Bon Apparte's site to automatically obtain such information about the visitor. “Cookies” are bits of information stored by the Internet navigator of the visitor on the hard disk of the visitor's computer that allow Bon Apparte to recognize the visitor when he/she accesses its site. When the visitor navigates on the Internet, a cookie is used for the aforementioned purposes. If visitors do not want Bon Apparte to collect information about their visit, they may, at their sole discretion, configure their navigator to notify them when it receives a cookie or to prevent such cookies from being sent.

Such information is used by Bon Apparte to determine the number of visits to its site as well as the pages viewed, the average length of site visits and to compile other statistics about its site visitors in general. Such information also allows Bon Apparte to check the performance of this site, for purposes of system administration, to make this site easier and more convenient to use and to report certain information, on an overall basis, to the representatives for whom the transmission of such information is necessary for discharging their duties.

11. Other Personal Information
Bon Apparte only collects other personal information about visitors if visitors, at their sole discretion, provide it voluntarily. If visitors want information from Bon Apparte or want to be put on a Bon Apparte’s mailing list, they have to provide their email address so Bon Apparte's server can respond to the request or, depending on the circumstances, send the information requested. This other information is also collected so visitors can subscribe to Bon Apparte’s mailing lists and Bon Apparte can manage such lists (including modifications of the terms and conditions of a subscription and the removal of names from the mailing list), to facilitate the communication of relevant information to the visitors and to allow Bon Apparte to be more familiar with their profile. Such information is strictly confidential and will not be used for commercial prospecting.

A copy of the personal information a visitor provides to Bon Apparte and that is retained by it is kept on Bon Apparte's servers in Laval, Quebec, Canada. Visitors can have access to the personal information that they have provided to Bon Apparte and ask Bon Apparte to update, modify or remove certain information Bon Apparte collected during their visit by sending an email to info@bon-apparte.ca.

When it considers it is appropriate to do so, Bon Apparte uses encryption and/or authentication tools as well as other methods to protect personal information received over the Web and stored on its servers. Visitors acknowledge and understand that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that emails they send to Bon Apparte may have been tampered with before they reach Bon Apparte's servers.

Personal, electronic or other forms of information collected by Bon Apparte is not disclosed to anyone other than representatives of Bon Apparte that require such information to discharge their duties with respect to achieving the objectives referred to in these terms and conditions. Visitors agree and acknowledge that Bon Apparte is also authorized to use, disclose or communicate their personal information to the extent provided or required by law, including a court order.

12. Viruses, etc
Site Owner does not represent or warrant that the information or material, including without limitation any downloadable software, accessed from or through this Website will be uninterrupted, or free of any error, defects, viruses or other harmful components, or that any such problems which are discovered will be corrected.

13. Damages to Others
You agree not to introduce into or through this Website any information or material that may be harmful to others. Among other things, you agree not to include, knowingly or otherwise, in this Website any error or defect in material or information which may be a libel, slander, defamation or obscenity, promote hatred or otherwise give rise to a criminal offence or civil liability on the part of any person or entity.

14. Reserve of Rights
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16. Changes to Terms
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17. Jurisdiction
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