Bon Apparte celebrates 30 years in residential and commercial real estate investment

Laval, May 23, 2012 - Joël Warnet, President and Founder of Bon Apparte, was proud to be in the company of his team of professionals and some 150 guests on May 9 at Château Taillefer Lafon to mark the 30th anniversary of its first income property acquisition.

“We are very proud of Bon Apparte’s achievements over these past three decades. Thanks to a team of seasoned partners and professionals, we have successfully developed a concept that enhances the real estate portfolio and maximizes return on investments,” said Warnet.

Warnet also highlighted the outstanding work of Louis Major, general manager, and his team. He also took the opportunity to announce that the company would continue to evaluate acquisition opportunities while ensuring the stringency required in today’s market.

“Over the years, we have achieved higher rates of return, while maintaining the best vacancy and bad debt rates in the industry. I am highly satisfied with the work we have done and look to the future with confidence,” added Warnet.

About Bon Apparte

Bon Apparte L.P. is a private company specializing in real estate management. It owns several residential and semi-commercial rental properties. Bon Apparte is a key player in the Montreal real estate industry.

Bon Apparte’s expertise enables its team to find the best investment opportunities, negotiate highly profitable transactions and maximize return on its real estate investments.

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